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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Whats Plus v5.30 [ Latest Version ]

Changelog v5.30 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.16.392
-->> English Translation
-->> New HD Icons
-->> Video & Music Limit Increased to 700 MB
-->> Minor Bugs Fixed
-->> New Design
-->> Menu Navigation Easier
-->> Much More to be Discovered by Yourself

Changelog v9.0 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.17.196
-->> Automatically Restarts the App on Leaving Modifications Menu
-->> New UI for Video / Audio Calls Enabled
-->> Removed Restart App Option
-->> Minor Bug Fixes

Changelog v8.0 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.17.132 ( Beta )
-->> Two Variants Introduced: Stock UI and WAP UI
-->> Text Status / About Character Limit Increased to 255 Instead of 140
-->> Custom Privacy for Each Contact Added
-->> Ability to Zoom Profile Picture
-->> Automatically​ Restarts the App on Leaving Privacy Settings
-->> Pin Chat Enabled

Changelog v7.1 :-
-->> New Option to Hide View Status Privacy
-->> New Minor Bug Fixes
-->> [See More]

Changelog v7.0 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.17.85
-->> No Ads No WaterMarks
-->> Fast Secure Stable and Clean as Stock
-->> Ability to Freeze Last Seen, Hide Double Ticks & Blue Ticks
-->> Hide Date and Time While Copying Messages
-->> Hide Archieved Chats
-->> Make Text and Numbers Selectable
-->> Group Messages Counter
-->> Disable Image Share Limit and Video Size Limit
-->> Ability to Change Image Size ( From 0 KB to 10.24 MB )
-->> Ability to Change Image Quality ( From 0% to 100% )
-->> Ability to Change Image Resolution ( From 0 PX to 3840 PX ) [ Can Send 4K Images ]
-->> Backup and Restore Data ( Similar to Titanium Backup )
-->> Changed App Shortcut For Nougat Users
-->> Ability to Send Any Type of Document
-->> Ability to Turn Status Feature ON / OFF
-->> Ability to Change Quality of the Status
-->> Ability to Change Status Image Size
-->> Ability to Change Status Video Length
-->> Option to Enable New Conversation UI
-->> Re-Arranged Modification Menu
-->> Unsend Message Feature Available but Not Usable as it is Not Enabled from the Server Side
-->> My About Available in Menu ( Old Status )
-->> Moved About and Phone Card Right Below the DP in Contact Info Page
-->> Waiting to First Tick Transformation Animation Fixed
-->> New Variant Introduced Which has Stock WhatsApp Ticks on Main Chats Screen

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  1. plz Can u tell me.. which whatsapp is help for sending fastest msgs..?? plz tell

    1. All WhatsApp are Same.... Every WhatsApp has Same Speed