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Sunday, February 12, 2017

SM WhatsApp v4.4 [ Latest Version ]

Changelog v4.4 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.17.61
-->> New Stock Emojies Added
-->> Name in the Middle of Conversation
-->> New UI Start
-->> Added Splash Screen
-->> Added New Bubbles
-->> Changed Desktop Icon
-->> Notification Icon Changed
-->> New Icons and Button Settings WhatsApp Attach
-->> Added SM Mods Section in One of the Settings of WhatsApp
-->> New Icons PNGs
-->> Other Fixes and Reforms

How to Install :-
For Non-Root Users -- You Must Have Any Lower Mod Installed Based on that Version and Install it Over
For Rooted Users - 1.Backup With the Help of Titanium Backup, Uninstall if Any Other Mod You Have, Install SM WhatsApp and Then Reinstall Other Mods
2. Use Exposed Module Installer and Enable to Pass the Signature and Downgrade Any Previous Version of SM WhatsApp Installed
3. Patch the Apk With Lucky Patcher

Changelog v7.95 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.17.79
-->> Added Hide View Status Privacy ( Mod 5.4 )
-->> Removed Option 6.8 to Move to the Old UI
-->> Added New Emojies ( Everyone's Favourite )
-->> Ability to Upload Photos & Videos With High Quality in Status / Stories ( Mod 5.4 )
-->> Fixed Missed Call Icon Color ( Mod 1.2.55 )
-->> Fixed Force Close on Some Devices
-->> [ Exclusive ] Ability to View Messages of a Specific Person From a Group ( Go to Group Profile - Click on the Member Name - View Messages Sent by that Person and to Theme this Page Go to Options after Clicking on View Messages by that Person )
-->> [ Exclusive ] Now Send Any Video Upto 30 MB as a GiF
-->> [ Exclusive ] Toast Whenever Any Contact Changes a Prpfile Pic ( Mod 2.5.7 )
-->> [ Added ] New Chat Option in Fab
-->> [ Fixed ] Hide Last Seen Widget ( Now Works as Charm )
-->> [ Fixed ] Status Privacy in Settings in UI
-->> [ Fixed ] Email Chat
-->> [ Fixed ] Navigation bar Theme on Main Screen
-->> [ Fixed ] Mod 2.4.11 and 2.5.5

Changelog v7.86 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.16.392 -->> Three Package Names ( 3 WhatsApp in One Phone With Same Features )
-->> Privacy Mods ( Custom Privacy Like Freeze Last Seen , Hide Online Status etc. )
-->> Theme Mods ( Colourful WhatsApp )
-->> Ban Proof ( No Matter How Many times You Try.. Your Number Will not be Blocked )
-->> Extended Expiry Date of the Version
-->> Status and Media Sharing Limit More than the Original WhatsApp
-->> New Ticks , Bubbles and Launcher Icons
-->> Bugs Fixed
And Much More to Discover by Yourself

Download the App from below Links :-

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