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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why Anti Virus Softwares Shows WhatsApp Mods or Any Other Mod as a Harm to the Device?

First of All Thanks to All of My Users Viewers & Supporters for Your Wonderful Support to WhatsAppMods.in
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A Lot of People Always Comes to Me & Asks About the Risk or Malware that is Shown by the Anti Virus to WhatsApp Mod or Any Other Mod Installed in the Phone
So I thought to Post this & Share With You All What I Have Got With Me. So Here We Go

A Big thanks to Peter Kuefer the Developer of WAP WhatsApp for His Wonderful Post About this that Cleared All Our Doubts
Here is the Explanation :-
First of All We Must Know How Anti Virus Softwares Works
They Work Based on Signature Check Mechanism. In Which They Check that the Application that is Installed or Being Installed Has Same or Different Signature of What they Have in their Original Database or PlayStore Version We Can Say for Android
For a Mod to Work the App or Mod Has to be Signed With the Different Signature or Else It Will Say Unfortunately Stopped Working and When the Anti Virus Detects Different Signature it Shows the Modded WhatsApp or Any Mod as a Virus but that Does Not Mean that Any Modder or Developer is Giving You Any Sort of Virus With the Mod.

Side Note :-
Google is ( Or Was ) Very Much Against the Idea of Making an AntiVirus Software for Android. Ther Permission's Model is Such that, At Least on the Paper, Malware Filtering is Better Done on the App Repository ( Google Play ) So it is Claimed.
Anti Virus Software is Useful as Long as It Detects Malware Which Would Otherwise be Disruptive for Your Device or Your Data but Such Disruptions Should be Considered as a Bug on Either the OS or the App Repository and Promptly Fixed by Google.
Thus an Anti Virus Softwares are Useless. I Don't Know Why You People Use them and Take Them So Seriously.

Thanks Again to All My Users & Peter Kuefer for This Post. Give Your Comments Suggestions or Reviews in the Comment Box Below

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