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Friday, July 13, 2018

RC-Fouad WhatsApp v7.51 iOS Edition [ Latest Version ]

Download RCWhatsApp 7.51 Apk iOS Edition by Richar Correra Latest Version

RC-Fouad iOS v7.51

What's New :-
-->> Added New Sounds for Sending and Receiving Messages
-->> Fixed Status Screen
-->> Fixed an Error Sending Audio in Entry Style Round and Allo
-->> Fixed FAB Above the Tab Without Errors
-->> Fixed Colored Emoji Bar
-->> Added New Icons in RC-Fouad iOS
-->> Double Number Error Will be Fixed in the Next Update v7.60
-->> See More

Changelog v7.50 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.18.122
-->> Enabled One Touch Voice Note Recording ( Press and Slide Up )
-->> Added Contacts Screen Automatically Takes Theme Colors
-->> Added Change Chat Tab Unread Counter Background ( Option 2.1.4 )
-->> Added Change Chat Tab Unread Counter Text Color ( Option 2.1.5 )
-->> Added 2 New Entry Styles iOS and Line
-->> Added Lock Wallpaper Preview After Choosing
-->> Added Preview Entry Styles Before Applying
-->> Added Selected Tab Underline Color ( Option 2.1.9 )
-->> Added Line Color Between Chats in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.10 )
-->> Added Date Pending Message Color in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.11 )
-->> Added Date Color in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.12 )
-->> Added Mention Color in Main Screen ( Option 2.1.13 )
-->> Added Documents Text Color in Chat Screen ( Option 3.1.32 )
-->> Added Mention Color in Chats Screen ( Option 3.1.33 )
-->> Added Recent Update Text Color in Story Screen ( Option 2.1.6 )
-->> Added Page Title Text Color ( Option 2.1.7 )
-->> Added Page Selected Title Color ( Option 2.1.8 )
-->> Added Voice Note Play Button Color ( Option 3.1.34 )
-->> Added Forward Icon Color ( Option 3.1.25 )
-->> Added Forward Background Color ( Option 3.1.26 )

-->> Added Group Participant Name Color ( Option 3.1.31 )
-->> Added Voice Note Play bar Color ( Option 3.1.329 )
-->> Added OnePlus ( Slate ) Font ( Option 1.2.0 )
-->> Added Old Stock ( 2016 ) Entry Style ( Option 3.2.3 )
-->> Added YoWA Entry Extra Attachment Buttons ( Documents etc. )
-->> Added Attach Button in WANH Entry Style
-->> Re-Organized Home Screen Colors in Option 2.1
-->> Enabled Group Description - Working
-->> Enabled Group Settings - Working
-->> Re-Enabled Last Seen on Home Screen by Default
-->> Fixed White Themes Caller Name not Showing
-->> Fixed Android KitKat Calls Crash
-->> Fixed Share 100 Images from Gallery to WhatsApp
-->> Fixed Error When Trying to Set Lock Wallpaper in Some Devices
-->> Fixed Disable Heads Up for Android Oreo 8.0+ ( If Still Doesn't Work Go to Apps > YoWhatsApp > Change Importance to Default )
-->> See More

Download the App From Below Links :-

To Make Your WhatsApp Look Exactly Same Like the Screenshots Given Above Download and Apply the Theme Given Below :-
-->> Click Here to Download iOS12 Theme by Richar Correra
What Other's are Downloading :-
-->> Fouad WhatsApp v7.51 ReMod Kitty Edition by Valdenia { Latest Version ]
-->> Fouad WhatsApp v7.51 [ Latest Version ]

How to Download :-
-->> Move Below and You Will Find 2 Types of Download Links One of Google Drive and One of Indishare.
-->> There are No Download Links, Instead There are Greenish Blue Download Buttons Below Where it's Clearly Written Download RCWhatsApp iOS. Click on The Button of Whichever Variant You Like and Download Your Mod.
-->> Try Both and Download From Whichever Link You Like Google Drive or Indishare Choice is Yours.

Google Drive Download Links :-


Indishare Download Links :-


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