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Monday, December 31, 2018

RCWhatsApp v7.81 ReMod YoWhatsApp by Richar Correra [ Latest Version ]

Download RC WhatsApp 7.81 Apk Latest Version - RC-YoWA RC-Mod v7.81 iOS & Glax Edition December 2018 New Year 2019 Update RC-YoWhatsApp RCWA iOS Edition

RC-YoWhatsApp v7.81

What's New :-
-->> Added Navigation Drawer
-->> Added Profile Picture in Home Screen
-->> Improved Home UI
-->> Added New Ticks Styles
-->> New Icon for RC-YoWA Glax Edition
-->> Added 3 New Entry Styles
-->> Retouched and Revamped UI of RC-YoWA iOS Edition
-->> New Scrolling Effect in RCWhatsApp Glax Edition
-->> Added Recent Status Color ( Option 2.1.16 )
-->> Added Viewed Status Color ( Option 2.1.15 )
-->> Added Drawer Theming Options in Universal Mods Section
-->> Added Theming Options for Navbar and Toolbar Icons
-->> Added Stickers Background Color ( Option 3.1.28 )
-->> Added Text Entry Coloring Options ( Options 3.1.37, 3.1.38, 3.1.39 )
-->> Added Settings Background and Text Color ( Options 1.1.0, 1.1.6 )
-->> Added an Option to Put Cover Photo to Navigation Drawer ( Option 1.1.7 )
-->> New Design for Settings and Profile Section
-->> Designed iOS Style Settings for RC-YoWhatsApp iOS Edition
-->> See More

Screenshots :-

Changelog v7.81 :-
-->> Fixed Voice Note Recording in Some Android 8.0+ Devices
-->> Fixed Voice Note Contact Picture not Showing Fully With Pics in Chat
-->> Fixed Quoted Message Indicator Colors Issue
-->> Fixed Crash When Accessing Password

Changelog v7.80 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.18.361
-->> Now You Can Add Custom New Stickers from Playstore to All Packages ( com.wa, com.yowa, com.yowa2 )
-->> Enabled Reply Privately in Groups ( Select the Message > 3-dot Options )
-->> Enabled Stickers
-->> Added New Emojis
-->> Added an Option to Disable Forwarded Tag ( YoMods > Privacy > Disable Forwarded )
-->> Re-Added Anti-Delete Status / Story Option ( YoMods > Privacy > Anti-Delete Status )
-->> Added Vibrate Option for Hidden Chats ( Click Gear Icon in Hidden Chats Page )
-->> Added In-App Language Changer Support for Android 8.0+ ( Option 1.3.0 )
-->> Now Hidden Chats Will not Show in Calls Tab log
-->> Added Document Bubble Now Applies Bubble Text Color
-->> Added Speed Improvements in YoThemes Store
-->> Added Password Settings are now Protected When the App is Locked
-->> Forward Message Limit Increased to 100 Chats ( Use at Your Own Risk )
-->> Added Stickers Bubble Takes Color Automatically
-->> Added Confirm Message Before Clearing Recent Emojis
-->> Improved WhatsApp App Lock
-->> Improved Pics Outside Bubble Performance
-->> Improved When Hide Contact Name is Activated then Contact Name Will not Show in Recents
-->> Improved Reduced Lags and More Speed
-->> Fixed Forwarded Audio Does not Show Pics in Chat
-->> Fixed Blocked Calls Stay in Notification Bug
-->> Fixed Emojis not Showing Correctly in Contact Status
-->> Fixed White Time Color issue in Media Bubble
-->> Fixed Download Button Goes below Navbar in Status
-->> Fixed Hide Dividers Option not being Applied in Status Tab
-->> Fixed Security Holes in Conversation Lock
-->> Fixed RTL Languages Overlap in Dribble and Dribble V2 Entry Styles
-->> See More

Download the App From Below Links :-

What Other's are Downloading :-
-->> RWhatsApp Lite v1.0 [ Latest Version ]
-->> SF WhatsApp Mini v1.00 [ Latest Version ]

Themes for RC-YoWhatsApp :-
-->> Download iOS 12.1 White Theme for RC-YoWhatsApp iOS Edition
-->> Download iOS 12.1 Dark Theme for RC-YoWhatsApp iOS Edition
-->> Download Dark Blued Theme for RC-YoWhatsApp Glax Edition

How to Download :-
-->> Move Below and You Will Find 2 Types of Download Links One of Dropbox and One of Indishare.
-->> There are No Download Links, Instead There are Greenish Blue Download Buttons Below Where it's Clearly Written Download RC-YoWhatsApp. Click on The Button of Whichever Variant You Like and Download Your Mod.
-->> Try Both and Download From Whichever Link You Like Dropbox or Indishare Choice is Yours.

Dropbox Download Links :-

RC-YoWhatsApp iOS Edition :-


RC-YoWhatsApp Glax Edition :-


Indishare Download Links :-

RC-YoWhatsApp iOS Edition :-


RC-WhatsApp Glax Edition :-


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