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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fouad WhatsApp v8.0 [ Latest Version ] - WA+ / FMWA / GBWA

Download Fouad WhatsApp+, FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Unofficial 8.0 Apk Latest Version by Fouad Mokkad - Update September 2019

Fouad WhatsApp v8.0

Changelog v8.0 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.19.230
-->> YoMods Settings Got a New Cool Design
-->> Now You Can Preview Color Changes Live in YoWA
-->> Added Airplane Mode ( Disable WhatsApp Messages Whenever You Need )
-->> Added an Option to Hide Airplane Mode Icon ( YoMods > Home Screen > Header )
-->> Added Hidden Chats Counter Will not Show in Home Unread Color Now
-->> Added Hidden Chats Will not Show in "Forward to..." Screen ( It can be Re-enabled from Hidden Chats Settings )
-->> Added an Option to Clear WhatsApp Databases
-->> See More

Changelog v7.99 :-
-->> Added Full Anti-Ban
-->> Fixed Not Enough Space Message
-->> Fixed Recording Crash
-->> Fixed com.yowa cannot Add Custom Stickers
-->> Fixed Deleted Message Icon not Showing
-->> Fixed White Theme Icons in Voice / Video Calls
-->> Fixed Google Play Service error Message on Registration
-->> See More

Changelog v7.96 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.19.150
-->> Exclusive - Status Splitter ( Split Long Videos to Small Parts of 30 Seconds Automatically )
-->> Added Back - Missing Old iOS Emojis
-->> Enabled - Ignore Archived Chats ( Settings > Notifications )
-->> Enabled - Frequently Forwarded Tag on Messages Forwarded 5+ Times
-->> Enabled - How Many Times You Forwarded a Message ( Select > info )
-->> Improved - Anti-Ban Measures
-->> Improved - Performance and Reduced Lag
-->> Improved - Faster Opening App Time
-->> Fixed - Anti - Delete Status / Messages Option not disabling
-->> Fixed - Hidden Chats Show in Widget
-->> Fixed - Random Crashes When a Notification Arrives
-->> Alert - Delete Message Time back to 1 Hour 30 Minutes
-->> Alert - Message Forward Limit Back to 5
-->> Removed - 5 Minute Status Option
-->> See More

What Other's are Downloading :-
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Important Notes :-
-->> If You Got Banned in FouadWA v7.99 then Take a Backup and Uninstall Fouad WhatsApp First and then Install this
-->> If You have Root, then Go back to Stock WhatsApp, Take a Backup from Titanium Back and then Restore it on Fouad WhatsApp
-->> Themes for Fouad WhatsApp has Already been Posted to Themes for WhatsApp Mods
-->> Stickers for YoWhatsApp are Available in Exclusive Stickers for WhatsApp

How to Download :-
-->> Move Below and You Will Find 2 Types of Download Links One of MediaFire and One of Google Drive.
-->> There are No Download Links, Instead There are Greenish Blue Download Buttons Below Where it's Clearly Written Download WhatsApp+. Click on The Button of Whichever Variant You Like and Download Your Mod.
-->> Try Both and Download From Whichever Link You Like MediaFire or Google Drive Choice is Yours.

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  1. Doesn't for work for android 4.4.x

    1. Maybe Support Removed for that Android Version

  2. Yes but 7.99 works great. Original WhatsApp even works. Don't know why they should remove support. I found WhatsApp Delta 8.00 and is based on GB to. Everything works. In FMWA2 8.00 many things are broken for users who were able to open the app.

  3. I am using GBWhatsApp 8.05 now. Delta latest version was 7.99 and not 8.00. Many users already sent screenshot of the crash in twitter. Fouad currently has problem with compiling YoMod to FMWA2. Many things doesn't work right now. Thx for your time, won't need to wait for fixed version off FM anymore ;).